My top tips for working in events

A couple of Friday's ago one of my work colleagues played an evil (yet brilliant) trick on me. This was revenge for me calling him last year (from a bus stop in Catford) pretending to be a journalist from the Stylist (he also proofed this article and insisted I added this in).

Anyway, he called me saying a careers publication was interested in doing a feature on me and needed answers straight away. I was both flattered and honoured, until he proceeded to ask me a series of very strange questions, which I answered unwittingly to the best of my ability.

Even though the interview was a hoax (and I plan to get revenge on his revenge…) it made me think maybe the advice wouldn’t be too bad to share with those who are at the beginning of their careers.

Question 1. What four pieces of advice would I give to anyone just starting out on, or interested in pursuing a career in events?

  1. Tenacity: you have to work hard in events because it is an extremely competitive industry. There are so many people interested in events roles, but if you are hardworking and determined then you’re already a step ahead of the crowd.

  2. Seize every opportunity: I was offered a contract role at JP Morgan and left my full-time job at PwC to take it. It was an extremely risky move, and while this decision may not be for everyone, it was the best thing I could have done to get my foot through the door. And once my foot was in, I knew I was never coming out!

  3. Make things work in your favour: when I started out as an administrative assistant, I tried my best to get involved in everything and anything that had an events feel to it; anything that needed organising I was all over it. This meant going above and beyond and doing things outside of my job role but it was all great experience.

  4. Don’t be put off by setbacks: within any career things aren’t always going to go 100% in your favour. But always make the best of every situation in which you find yourself. Try to take the most you can from every role you do.

Question 2. What animal best describes your career? *please note I did think this was a strange question, but I thought maybe they were thinking outside of the box...

I went for a lion. In events you have to be firm, direct and always willing to take the lead, people like to see you have things under control. I thought of a lion as the ‘king of the jungle’ best reflected this.

Question 3. What Supermodel best reflects you?

Naomi Campbell. She is fierce, bold and knows her field inside out - she’s the ultimate ‘it’ girl. If I could be to the events world what what Naomi is to the fashion world then I know I’ve made it.

Question 4. What TV or film character would you be?

I chose Olivia Pope from Scandal. Again a strong female lead, who does whatever is necessary to get the job done, which is essentially what events is. No matter how high up you may go you always have to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in.

If he had included music star in the question I would of course have gone for Beyoncé explanation needed.

So there you have it, some strange pearls of wisdom from me. And if anyone has a suitable prank for me to get him back I’m all ears.

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